Hydro Electric Scheme

Installed in 2012 this 27kwh hydro electric scheme on Balbeg Burn produces enough electricity to power 20 homes. The electricity which we do not use at Balbeg is exported to the national grid.

Water is collected upstream on Balbeg Burn (why not take a look at the intake whilst visiting us) and travels 500m down a 400mm underground pipe. The fall of 30m creates the head to turn the turbine in the small house on the far side of Balbeg Burn.

This is a simple electricity generation system which should last for over 100 years.

Biomass Boiler

The heating and hot water on the entire site is provided by the woodchip biomass boiler, installed in 2014. The fuel store takes 9 tonnes of woodchip which is fed to a 199kw biomass boiler. This boiler heats water which is then fed on demand to each house, providing all the hot water for the taps and the central heating.

This is a very efficient and environmentally friendly system.

Woodchip is delivered by tractor and trailer from a local company 2 miles from Balbeg, thus reducing our fuel miles.

If you would like a tour of the hydro and biomass energy system on your next visit to Balbeg Country Holidays, just ask and we would be delighted to do so.

Electrical Car Charging Points

We have three electrical car charging points located on site for guests to use free of charge. Two located beside Balcraig House and one located beside Rabbie Burns Lodge.